The PC, our friend 1.0

Now you can learn quickly and easily both the operating and programming on PC by using this multimedia computer program!

The introductory screen permits you to discover quickly the desired option because the subjects are presented like the content of a book.

Here is presented all you need to achieve good works in the operating software WORD, EXCEL and PAINT SHOP PRO, besides the using of Windows.

The programming in Turbo Pascal is displayed so clearly that everyone can understand it by beginning with the basic notions and simple programs and finishing with the using of the UNITS and the object oriented programming. The learning of programming in this computer language make easier the learning of the modern and strong computer languages (such as: Visual FoxPro and Java).

Demonstrative programs are presented for each computer language.

This game is the demonstrative program for the programming language Visual FoxPro and it has the objective to prove the strength of this computer language about some features such as multimedia and object oriented programming.

Through this game it is achieved the verification of Internet and Java language knowledge.

The program permits the selecting of the appropriate age category, because the notions are presented not only for adult understanding but also for children understanding.

The theoretic notions are presented as an assistance system which permits the fastest access to the desired subject.

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