I present here in few words and images my discovery:
"The Gravitational Isolator"
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After thinking, for many years, to a solution to fly easier on Earth and into Outer/Deep Space, I have discovered an isolator for gravitation (the idea is very ingenious), which is not expensive but quite easy to be built.

WITHOUT IsolatorWITH Isolator
I have built a very small Gravitational Isolator at home and it is still working fine as you can see from the sample movies.

When it will be built in a laboratory it will be able to isolate gravitation 100% with small costs.
The level of gravitational isolation can be different function of its utilization (full isolation while it is used into outer space and less gravitational isolation while it is used on Earth, to not cause atmosphere damages).

My discovery can be used to make much easier the launching and moving into space of a spaceship, at the base of the Space Elevator, or to make vehicles fly at almost no fuel cost (much more efficiently than the existent ones), like in the image, the red arrow indicating the direction of movement.
It will make very easy the trips outside of our planet (spatial tourism).

It can be used also in many other areas (free energy generator etc.).

Read a complete article here or see my patent.

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