Mihail Vrapcea

Contact information

E-mail: vrapcea_m@yahoo.com


The University of Timisoara (1989-1994), Faculty of Mathematics
Graduated with the average: 9.09
In August 1999 I started my graduate studies in Biostatistics at University of South Carolina, School of Public Health from Columbia SC USA with a scholarship for a master program.


September 2011 - present implementing and maintaining Eagle Job Board and Triangle Job Board, besides contributing to other websites (such as: http://www.peaktechnical.com and http://www.peaktechnicalconsulting.ca).
November 2009 - 2013 building and improving/maintaining ALLemployed.com.
2000-2009 web developer, webmaster and Visual FoxPro programmer at NTES.COM USA (not available online anymore, other website there instead).
In 2005 I have built also the http://www.northalabamajobs.com web site.
Between February 15 and first of June 2000 I have worked as a half time programmer (between June 1 - June 13 as a full time programmer) at US Computing Inc. Columbia SC.
In the second half of 1998 I created the NEWSoft firm, which had the purpose to make educational software (built with Visual FoxPro).
1997 - 1998 "Tomis" Supermarket from Constanta, Romania - Programmer
1995 - 1997 "Ovidius" High School from Constanta, Romania - Computer Science Teacher
1994 - 1995 High School from Fetesti, Romania - Computer Science Teacher

Software skills

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, Visual FoxPro, being quite familiar with Zend Studio, Git, WordPress, in addition having some knowledge of Flash, SAS, Visual Basic.

My software products where published not only by the IT Romanian Magazines but also by international main web sites such as ZDnet (Mathematics on PC).

Foreign languages


Note: In the middle of June 2000, after ten months spent in USA, I had to remain in Romania, because my wife was afraid to fly across the Atlantic ocean, also for saving my two and a half years old child, having to renounce not only at the master program (3 years graduate student F1 visa) but also at $2400 monthly from the software company where I was working (since autumn the salary being $4300 monthly with H1 visa for 5 years, according to the negotiated contract).

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